Site Hörbranz: since 2008

Facts & Figures

Length: 115 m
Width: 110 m
Production surface: 6.531 m²
Production (lines): 1.778 m²
Storage (raw material, packaging material, finished products): 1.887 m²
Preparation, packing: 1.975 m²
Goods receiving and shipping: 891 m²
Total surface: 12.700 m²

Technical, maintenance: 1.000m²
Social areas, lockers, canteen: 1.000m²
Administration: 1.000m²
Additional cellar contingency: 1.000m²
Total cubature: 136.800 m³

Storage: 6,000 pallets fully automatic high stack rack, 2 areas inside with different temperature zones.

In our modern plant a steady flow of goods from the receipt of raw materials and packaging material to production, packing, storage and shipping of goods can be ensured to guarantee a short and efficient production process.

Site Lindenberg: since 1926

Facts & Figures (Processed Cheese Plant)

Preparation, packing: 1.696 m²
Cooling storage: 1.260 m²
Cooling tunnel: 403 m²
Administration/Office: 1.021 m²
Production link: 2.185 m²
Production building: 1.975 m²
Boiler house: 203 m²
Technical, maintenance: 313 m²
Garages, maintenance: 897 m²
Total surface: 10.901 m²

Parking lot: 3.788 m²