Private Label

Schreiber & Rupp offers a wide range of processed cheese specialties in different sizes, packaging variation and recipes. Schreiber & Rupp put an early focus on production of Private Labels.

Why Private Labels?

Private labels continue to gain market share across Europe, whether it is in the emerging retail markets in the East or the most established ones throughout the region. Private labels are becoming more popular with Europe’s shoppers.  Retailers are responding with bigger own brand programs featuring innovative new products and greater value. Market share for retailer brands has advanced in most countries according to Nielsen. So the Private label’s long-term future appears especially bright.

What are the Advantages of Private Label?

For the consumer, private label represents the choice and opportunity to regularly purchase quality products at savings compared to manufacturer brands, without waiting for promotional pricing.
Private label products consist of the same or better ingredients than the manufacturer brands and because the retailer´s name or logo is on the package, the consumer is assured that products meet the retailer´s quality standards and specifications.

Private Label Policy